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I meditated on my prior post (Mindfulness is the aware) while I was working today.  As a performer, I often have “in between” times.  So for the summer I decided to help my brother out with a business he started.  Truthfully, it is a job that the “old me” would NEVER have done in (brother or no), simply because I would have felt it was beneath me.  On one level, I took the job because I had the time, he needed the help, and I honestly viewed it as a way to work out the spiritual progressions that I have been going through.

In the midst of my recent spiritual progressions I have noticed that a lot of the motivations behind my becoming a performer was to seek after affirmation … I wanted to be accepted; even worshiped.  I didn’t know that at the time, but I do now in retrospect.  It was all part of the giant web of things I engaged in to try and defeat or avoid rejection … ironically, the life of a performer is FILLED with rejection!  The thing is, when you are a performer and are rejected … you can at least say,

“I’ve performed all over the world, at some of the most recognizable venues that anyone would know!”

That is simply a salve to put onto the wound of rejection.  What I have found myself challenged with is to overcome my own need for the validation of others.  That is my latest spiritual quest.  The job my brother needed help with is working with kids, and their parents.  The reason I would have HATED this job in the past, is that (as an empathic person who picks up on EVERYone’s feelings) I would have felt their judgment and I would have felt all of those feelings.

So, I viewed it as my meditative motivation today … when I felt that rejection/scorn from certain parents … I simply accepted it, smiled, and said, “Have a great day today!”  I could feel the tendency to close my heart chakra … to build up a defense to their haughtiness.  My Inner Voice was screaming, “I have performed at places that you have never even heard of … around the world!  You see me as “this job” but I really am SO much more than you even know!”  But in the end, I was just a servant to their children.  It was good for me.

How does this relate to my prior post,  Well, we should be able to acknowledge our flaws, strengths, and our weaknesses at the same time.  I was a VERY prideful person … I admit that now.  At the time I felt that I had EARNED the respect of others … and if they didn’t give it to me?  Well then, they needed to be made known of why they SHOULD be respecting me!

In truth … if you are looking for respect … you don’t deserve to be respected. I know that sounds strange … but when you look at the quote that was the topic of my meditation it becomes clear!  We should be accepting everything!

Accept EVERYTHNG!  Don’t let anything shut you down.  Don’t fight against the things that bother you; you are wasting valuable time and energy that God wants to use in other ways.  Don’t cling to the things that you want, but aren’t meant for you; you will be missing the opportunities God is putting into your life.  Take God into everything you do, or think.  God isn’t ashamed of you. God made you!  When you accept everything you start to see how all the people who judge you … are simply people who don’t accept everything.  They believe they are better because of their personal belongings … but, wow, they are SO blind.


Religion4All is an idea: that every human being (no matter their race, religion, sexuality, social status, lifestyle, or any other possible factor) is LOVED by God; just … as … they are.

We all are loved by God, and NO religion or person has a monopoly on it. Every single person on this planet is loved equally by God … SO many are cut off from God because they are told they don’t belong. God loves everyone … we ALL are beautiful creations … we don’t need to cringe when we hear the words “God”, or “religion”, or their judgments … God LOVES us all!

There is no requirement to change in order to be LOVED by God, or to LOVE God. God is LOVE, and LOVE is God … period. There is no one who God loves more than anyone else … there are only those who choose to LOVE more … to love God more, and consequently then to love each other more. In doing so, we grow closer to God … and know God.

By opening our hearts, and minds to God (free of boundaries like religion, or social trends); by LOVING God … we are exactly where we are meant to be. If we maintain that openness, never allowing any person or event to make us close our hearts, we will be guided by God to be who we are meant to be.

In that space of openness we can then live a life of LOVE, and be guided to where we are meant to be … forever in LOVE.

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