The High-est Love

My meditating today (on my prior post “What God Has Prepared“) came while I was driving.  Don’t worry, no lives were endangered.  I actually find that meditating while driving makes me drive more safely … it’s hard to stay grounded and meditative if you are stressfully swerving through traffic!

I was on my way to meet a dear friend, who has been going through just about the worst time of anyone I have ever known … the trials of Job!  As I was meditating on my daily topic I started repeating those words through my head, “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him.”  I realized that what I had to offer my friend was really of little significance … it was what God had to offer that was of the utmost importance.

My meditating became a prayerful meditation.  I asked God to flow through me, and that whatever it was that I did or said during my time with my friend would be from God.  I focused on keeping my heart chakra open, and just letting God’s love flow through me.

I got there … and I waited.  Finally I got a text.  The meeting wasn’t going to work out after all, and he was an emotional mess over what has been going on.  The old me would have been annoyed.  You see, that is just one of many ways that we as humans are flawed … our love has elements in it that can be selfish, manipulative, or any number of other things.  God’s love, however, is PURE.  So as I maintained my open heart, God’s love still flowed through me.  There was no frustration, just understanding.

As I drove back I continued my meditations and I began musing.  Curious – how God brought this friend into my life JUST when I was going through my own Job-like trials, and he helped me through them.  Now the tables are turned.  I don’t believe in coincidences.  I believe that God reveals opportunities and guides those who have ears to hear, and eyes to see … and an open heart.

In that space I felt God prompt me, very clearly,

“You need to convey to him just how much I love him.”

So I thought, “Okay, God, I’ll do that when I get home … or maybe later tonight.”  I felt an even stronger prompting almost instantly,

“No.  He needs to hear it now.”

So I pulled out my phone (after pulling to the side of the road!) 🙂 and I wrote him what I felt led to say,

I just want you to know that you are loved … SO much. I’m not talking about me, although I do love you, or your kids, who certainly love you, or anyone else. However much you’re hurting right now … you are loved beyond your imagination by a God who thinks you’re beautiful … Just as you are. “

After I pressed Send, I continued my trip … the entire way my 6th chakra (the Third Eye) was tingling ecstatically.  It was as if I could feel that God was pleased with me and wanted me to KNOW it … it almost felt like a drug high (I dabbled a bit in my college days), but this was completely natural … or rather SUPER-natural.

That is the Highest Love: to be a conduit for PURE LOVE to flow through you.  God wants your heart to be open not just for your own peace and happiness … God wants your heart to be open so that no matter if you are making love, or grocery shopping, writing a letter, or exercising … anything and any place … God wants your heart to be open so that you can be a conduit for God’s love to touch other people.

That is what being High is all about!


Religion4All is an idea: that every human being (no matter their race, religion, sexuality, social status, lifestyle, or any other possible factor) is LOVED by God; just … as … they are.

We all are loved by God, and NO religion or person has a monopoly on it. Every single person on this planet is loved equally by God … SO many are cut off from God because they are told they don’t belong. God loves everyone … we ALL are beautiful creations … we don’t need to cringe when we hear the words “God”, or “religion”, or their judgments … God LOVES us all!

There is no requirement to change in order to be LOVED by God, or to LOVE God. God is LOVE, and LOVE is God … period. There is no one who God loves more than anyone else … there are only those who choose to LOVE more … to love God more, and consequently then to love each other more. In doing so, we grow closer to God … and know God.

By opening our hearts, and minds to God (free of boundaries like religion, or social trends); by LOVING God … we are exactly where we are meant to be. If we maintain that openness, never allowing any person or event to make us close our hearts, we will be guided by God to be who we are meant to be.

In that space of openness we can then live a life of LOVE, and be guided to where we are meant to be … forever in LOVE.

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  Stephanie Jill Rudd wrote @

Yes, that is what it is all about. Love flowing through our beings and spilling out over others as we go through our daily lives. Our ‘task’, if any, is to allow more and more to flow through us. To be the miracle we came here to be.

  Religion4All wrote @

Exactly, it’s really not about us … it’s about what God can do through us. The only way we stop that is when we close our hearts … cuts the flow right off. Unfortunately, most people (I know because I once was one) go through their lives shut down 24/7 … and think that is normal. It makes me sick to even remember what that was like in comparison.

  Stephanie Jill Rudd wrote @

Yes, I find it so sad. Mistaking ‘prison’ for freedom, just because they can see through a gap in the bars. Lets hope our loving is infectious. I am sure God will win in the end!

  Religion4All wrote @

Let it be! 🙂

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