Tree of Life

A Revealing today; on Life, and Love, and Miracles …

Tree of Life

Up from the loam
of my heart;
surging tendrils
of intention
with blossoms to burgeon
upon my commitment.

Should my commitment wane,
or intention meander,
their budding blooms
will shrivel and die;
while the bough
still remaining
continues to siphon
from the wellspring
of my resolve.

It is necessary therefore
to see each intention
to its fruition
and once its fragrance
has filled your breast
with peaceful satisfaction?
Sever the vine
and renew the soil
so that the limbs
may flourish
and bloom in kind;
fed by the fullness
of a heart well tended.



  Miracles « Religion4All wrote @

[…] meditation (Raw Truth); these thoughts on living life, and even miracles (note my last post “Tree of Life“) began to germinate as I mediated on Katrina’s “Truth” post … so […]

  Stephanie Jill Rudd wrote @

Perfect. So much truth held in these words and layered behind them.

  Religion4All wrote @

Thank you, I am glad that you have “ears to hear” the layering behind … THAT is the truly meaningful part! 🙂

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