Parable of The Blind Man


I came across this parable in my Notes on my phone … refreshing to read an old epiphany; and a great reminder!


A blind man came to a healer and told him that he had just started to see of faintest sliver of light. He wondered if there was anything that the healer do to help him see … even just a tiny bit more. The healer placed his hands upon the man’s temples, he opened his eyelids and peered into his empty eyes, he spent some time meditating with him and then finally gave him a few herbs to make it into tea and drink.

The blind man went home and did as instructed: he drank his tea and spent the rest of the day in supplicant meditation; begging the Universe for a miracle. The morning came and when he awoke the blind man discovered that his sight had improved. What had once been the faintest glimmer of light was now like a misty fog! He could make out shapes! Colors began to reveal themselves to him!

The man was so excited about the healing that he left his cane behind when he went out to explore. As he was taking in colors, and greeting strangers through his hazy fog, the partially blind man tripped and fell … his head struck the pavement and he had a terrible gash on his forehead that began bleeding profusely.

What do you think the blind man did? Did he go back to the healer and demand his money back; pointing to the bleeding wound on his forehead? Did he try wrapping a blindfold around his face so that he would not be distracted by such colors and figures again?

No! The now partially blind man went back to the healer and asked if he could heal his vision some more. He learned to adjust his routine to take on the new responsibilities of partial vision.

After a week of these treatments the blind man could almost see perfectly! It truly was a miracle! He could see smiles, and faces, and birds flying in the sky … the wonders all around amazed him with every passing second. Soon however he also began noticing people looking at him strangely … judgmentally! You see, the blind man had never acquired the skill of matching his clothes to please the people around him … he didn’t even know it was necessary. All these people had been judging him the whole time, he had just never been aware of it because he was blind. Not only that, but there were poor, suffering people on the street … begging for food with signs that made him feel guilty if he didn’t give them money. The formerly blind man was literally overwhelmed by all of the emotions that came about all as a result of his sight.

Do you think that the blind man complained about his vision? Or do you think that the blind man continued to celebrate the gift of his sight and learned how to adapt to his new responsibilities as one with such a gift?

So it is with the work of the soul . Do not give up hope because you struggle. Do not despair because your new challenges are frightening. Rather, be happy and grateful that your vision is that much improved.

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