What it’s all about …

This sounds like an awesome concept for bringing people from all over the world together through music! I plan on submitting some music of my own!


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My name is Chris. I am a singer, songwriter and composer. I have composed music ranging through a broad spectrum of styles. I love music FUSION and I write what I hear in my head.

What I want to do is create truly original music that potentially fuses all SORTS of ideas. I want to create music that hits people right in the pit of their soul stomach.

I want to SHED the egoic persona of being the star … been there done that. I have no desire to be “above” anyone.

I thought about putting such a band together; one that is completely collaborative and open to many ideas from all members. Then a mentor and friend showed me THIS video:

I was so inspired by this concept … bringing together people from all over the globe through music. I thought,

“What if I could get people to contribute their OWN musical ideas for some of the songs I have written?”

So I created this page and will begin loading sung versions of songs, a capella … without musical accompaniment. The music is for YOU to create. It doesn’t matter how trained or untrained you are … it doesn’t matter what instrument you play.

If you want to sing backup harmonies, GREAT. If you want to play percussion on the spokes of a bicycle wheel, GREAT. If you play violin, piano, guitar, sitar or didgeridoo … GREAT. If you want to sing the vocal line I am singing, GREAT … if I like your voice better than mine for that particular song, I’ll use your voice for the lead.

Like a worldwide mosaic of music, we can change the way music is created!

Whatever you think would be an awesome contribution to the song … submit it. If your recording is selected I will list you as a co-songwriter/performer and potentially consider you for future songs, or even live performance down the road.

Whatever country you are from. Whatever background you have experienced. Whatever role you have played. Whatever levels you have achieved. Music is a common thread that brings us all together.

What have you got to lose?? What do WE have to gain???

I say we stand to gain a truly original, non-derivative style of music that has the potential to blow people away!

So send me your recordings in a WAV file. You can do this simply by sending me the recording off of a smart phone. If you have more professional equipment that is awesome, but don’t let that be a deterrent!

You can just listen to my singing with an earpiece and play/sing what you want with the Voice Memos or Recording capabilities of your phone or computer. It’s as easy as that … I can “clean” the recordings up on my end if they need it.

I will submit the first song within the next week … happy creating!


songboy_s_c@yahoo.comWhat it’s all about ….

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