“Faith Is A Bird” – a new song that YOU can help compose the music for!

So excited to see how this “worldwide musical mosaic” unfolds … very cool!

– re-blogged from Collaborative Composition.

Here we go … launching forward into possibilities heretofore unknown! Exciting!! I will be posting the a capella recording of this song, “Faith Is A Bird”, on Sunday, September 14.

The idea of fusing some of your amazing ideas together into a worldwide musical mosaic has me, as a friend described yesterday, “luminescent”. 🙂

I am happy to share songwriting credit with any of you whose ideas are included in these songs. I will be posting a new original song each month, for one year, with the intention of putting together an album of songs that are completely groundbreaking … through all of OUR contributions fused together!

If you think I am somehow not excited to hear what YOU specifically have to share and contribute? Well … that’s just Resignation whispering in your ear, my friend. You have a unique voice that nobody else has … and I want to hear it, and share it, and bring you along with me on this journey of songwriting.

Read the rest of the post here: “Faith Is A Bird” – a new song that YOU can help compose the music for!.

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