LAUNCH! “Faith Is A Bird” – a Musical Mosaic project spanning the globe

An exciting project … now to figure out what music I am going to contribute! Seems like an awesome way to bring people around the world together through music!


Kicking off this year long Musical Mosaic project – here is the first a capella song, “Faith Is A Bird”.


I will be uploading one new original song each month, totaling TWELVE Musical Mosaics to create an album. If your contribution is selected, you will receive equal musical credit … the same as me or anyone else involved in that song.

As an example, if there are 14 contributions selected for the entire song … then there will be 14 equal songwriting shares for the music on that song.

For now, here are some bullet points to help you express yourself fully: 

To read more click here: LAUNCH! “Faith Is A Bird” – a Musical Mosaic project spanning the globe.

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