Better ways to spend your time?

Bringing inspiration to the world is a very spiritual endeavor, I would say. Can’t wait to hear what this sounds like!


Collaborative Composition: Musical Mosaics that span the globe

Tired of being bored? What gives you passion and makes you feel as if you are “living on the edge”? For me, that feeling comes from being inspired and contributing something that is completely unique to me.

That concept is at the core of this new Musical Mosaic project … HOORAY, finally someone who really WANTS to hear exactly what is unique about you!!! 😉

I have uploaded the first “a capella” (vocal, without accompaniment) song of what will be a 12 song album … and here it is, “Faith Is A Bird”:

I want to hear from any and ALL of you as to what YOU think would sound cool as an accompaniment. Whether you are professional, amateur, or music afficionado … you have a voice. You could be a pianist, a singer, a guitarist, a drummer, a crystal singing bowl wizard, or literally ANY kind of musical creation known to man. If it is your voice, I want to hear it!

All you have to do is put an earbud in your ear, listen to the sung version of the song … and record whatever comes to you. You can take some time to really hone what you want to contribute … or you can do it on the fly. It’s YOUR voice, so do what you want to do. Express yourself!

Whoever is selected will receive equal musical songwriting credit for that song on the album … what do you have to lose? I really, truly want to hear from YOU … send me your recordings at and let’s make some revolutionary music together!


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