Live demonstrations of musical options for song project …

Cute and definitely funny … can’t wait to hear how the final version of how this song comes out and I love the concept of incorporating different people, styles and ideas from all over the world.


Here are a few video clips giving tips or pointers for anyone not quite sure how to contribute their ideas, or get started.

My sister-in-law came up with the idea of putting together some videos that might help people who are unclear on how to contribute music for this song project. She was unsure of where to even start if she would want to contribute something and thought this might be helpful for people who felt the same way (intimidated or unsure how to get started).

I truly want to hear from EVERYONE who has an interest in contributing their voice, whether you are amateur or professional. I will be layering tracks of peoples’ contributions into the accompaniment, so even if you think what you have to offer is simplistic … that is totally fine.

You finding your “voice” in terms of instrument or singing is what is important to me. Each of you has a UNIQUE voice. First, I am starting with my niece and nephew with some pointers for guitar and voice:

Secondly, we travel into the comedic world of my brother and his eldest daughter, allowing the muse to move them in the art of table drumming (comedy ensues, lol):

… and lastly my sister-in-law demonstrates how you might get started on coming up with an accompaniment on piano:

So there you have it … you do NOT have to be a professional musician to contribute (although that doesn’t hurt!) :-). Just listen to the song, play around with different ideas musically, and then record whatever you think sounds good! Send your recording to me at as a .WAV file.

If your arrangement is selected as part of the finished version of the song, you will be given equal musical songwriting credit on the album.

You can listen to the vocal version of the song, “Faith Is A Bird”, here: 

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