New Song For Collaboration – Unconditional Love (Reggae singer wanted)

This project seems completely boundless … a reggae singer audition!? I hope this collaborative music idea works, because I want to hear it … not to mention be involved in it! Maybe I should practice channeling a reggae vibe (lol).



This past week I was filled with inspiration to write a new song. I already have a lot of original songs lined up for this song project … but every so often a song comes along that is SO inspired that it rises up through the “ranks” and shines.

Interestingly enough, I hear the song as a reggae song … and anyone who knows me, knows that I am not a reggae singer! (lol) So this will be a HUGE opportunity for someone possibly new or unheard of to swing for the fences with a lead vocal!! 

If you want to be considered for the lead vocal of this new reggae Musical Mosaic project, send me a recording of you singing whatever you want ( I will go with whoever MOVES me the most. This is a song about Unconditional Love, so if you share your soul when you sing … go for it!

I will intro this awesome new song at a later date, as I do not want to take away from the current Musical Mosaic song project. Listen to the current song project here, “Faith Is A Bird“, and record whatever you think will sound awesome as an accompaniment. Whatever your instrument, I want to hear where your unique Muse takes you during your own flight of inspiration!

Don’t let Resignation hold you back … aren’t you SICK of being resigned yet???

Open your heart and let it fly out! Send me your recording in a .WAV file at If your accompaniment is selected you will receive EQUAL musical songwriting credit for this song on the album.

– art by Chris Dyer,  Peeling Bodies.

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