“Faith Is A Bird” – only two more weeks to get your musical ideas in!

Hopefully this project will have wide participation … I think it would be cool to hear what it sounds like to have music melded from different countries around the world!



Just want to remind those of you who want to contribute your musical ideas … each Musical Mosaic project will be one month long, and then I will upload a new song to start working on.

So if you have been wanting to record something for my “a capella” version of “Faith Is A Bird” … time is ticking. 🙂 Here is the vocal recording of the song: 

I will be taking submissions for this song up until October 14th. If you submit something later than that date you may still be selected if I like what you’ve done enough.

But I will begin forming my ideas and putting the actual song together on or before October 14th. The sooner you get your contribution in, the more likely you are to be chosen as a musical member of this worldwide band (for this song).

Not to worry though, there will be a new ORIGINAL song posted every month for the next year … so 11 more songs in total.

HEY! If Resignation is sitting there whispering in your ear that you aren’t good enough, or nothing will come of this, or you’ll just be rejected, or who knows what other crap … get over it!

We can’t live our lives in Resignation if we are going to be truly free and happy!

So do it! Sing, or play along, come up with what YOU think sounds cool as accompaniment to my vocal (or sing the lead if you want!). Let’s make some REVOLUTIONARY music!

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