Drumming – an expressive art that truly crosses all cultural divides

More on the “world-wide band” project taking contributions from anyone, anywhere in the world … I am excited to participate.


– A TED talk with Indian percussionist, Sivamani

Drumming is truly something that every culture on earth has in common … it is a musical foundation. No matter where or who you are, you can find something to drum on. That concept is at the essence of this year long series of song projects I will be mixing and creating.

For those who do not know, I will be uploading a sung version of an original song, without accompaniment, each month for the next year. The intent is to put together a twelve song album unlike any ever created … with contributions from anyone, anywhere on planet Earth. A world-wide band!

I am now beginning to piece together the different recordings I have for the percussion part of the current Musical Mosaic song project, “Faith Is A Bird”. 

– Read more at Drumming – an expressive art that truly crosses all cultural divides.

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