Do you play music by ear?

A project I am committed to contributing to.

Hopefully we can spread the word in this awesome effort to create a “world wide band” where anyone, anywhere in the world, can contribute their ideas for accompaniment to original songs.


Do you have an innate sense for where the music should go when you are playing piano, or singing harmonies, or jamming on a guitar, or whatever you instrument might be?

Guess what?! That is the exact quality that I am looking for with this year-long collaborative music project!

My goal is to put together a 12 song album and each song will be what I am calling a Musical Mosaic. By this, I mean that I will be piecing together contributions from anyone, ANYWHERE in the world.

I will upload one song each month, sung “a Capella” (without accompaniment) and then any of you can come up with whatever YOU think sounds awesome as an accompaniment. Each person selected will receive equal musical songwriting credit on the album for however many songs they contribute to.

Just grab a set of headphones, or an earbud, and listen to the sung version of each song … record what you come up with and send it to me at

This month’s song, the first of twelve, is called “Faith Is A Bird”: 

Rock out, get inspired, kiss Resignation goodbye and ride the tidal wave that is your inner muse. I want to hear what YOUR unique “voice” is … we all have something that makes us unique.

So let’s make uniquely revolutionary music together!

– pic shared from Piano Articles.

Taking music from around the world and piecing each contribution together to make a Musical Mosaic of Collaborative Composition!

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