Wrapping up “Faith Is A Bird” … bring on “Unconditional Love”! (a reggae song)

Awesome lyrics … LOVE it!! I was into this from the first song project … but I am stoked about the message in this new song. Can’t wait to hear it!

re-blogged from Wrapping up “Faith Is A Bird” … bring on “Unconditional Love”! (a reggae song).


Okay, it’s been a month so I am going to close out the “Faith Is A Bird” Musical Mosaic project and upload the next song on this 12 song Collaborative Composition project later this week.

The next song to be uploaded is called “Unconditional Love” … and it is a reggae song! So this is a HUGE opportunity for anyone who wants to sing the lead vocal!

I am not a reggae singer, but that is simply how the inspiration flowed and I am absolutely in LOVE with this song … so while I will be uploading the “a capella” version of the song with my voice, I do not intend to be the lead vocal on this track.

So if you have some reggae groove, I want to hear it … it doesn’t matter who you are, where you are from, or what your background is … ANYONE could wind up singing this song if your voice and spirit is a match. It’s whoever MOVES me the most.

If there is anyone who has been working on “Faith Is A Bird” and either hasn’t gotten their contribution in yet, or wants to contribute, I am still receiving contributions. I am getting to the point where the song is nearing completion in terms of concept though … so please do try and get your contribution in soon. I would hate to have anyone put their soul into something and have it not be used because the song has already been finished.

The vocals for the new song will be posted in the next couple of days. Here are the lyrics:

Unconditional Love

By: Chris Anderson

Unconditional love
means never closing your heart
although it be torn apart
or ripped to pieces.

Unconditional love
as pure as a newborn kiss
and as long Ouroboros
but much more gentle.

What they can’t see
can be heard in the silence.
Where they may go
so it follows surely behind;
like the tendrils of passion
it climbs the edifice of their mind
to bloom and spread a fragrance

Unconditional love
collapses all space and time
with all souls intertwined
but barely moving.

Unconditional love
it pierces right through your heart
tears flow at the very art
of its magic.

(choir sings “Unconditional Love” in chords while soloist improvs)

It can’t be broken
Cannot be changed
Not dismantled
Or rearranged.
No more fighting
No more hate
No more vengeance
It all dissipates.

It’s Unconditional …



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