Intuition or Impulse?



All too often it seems that people mistake intuition for impulse, and vice versa. I can see how it could be confusing: both are inner “gut” feelings, so how do you differentiate?

The simple answer is that one comes from a place of calmness and centered serenity, while the other comes from a whirringly over-active mind.

It certainly is possible to have intuitive feelings as a person who is not centered … it simply is difficult to differentiate. You could be a highly intuitive person; one who values and prizes their intuitive abilities a great deal. If you are not taking the time to center yourself however you will simply be acting on impulse half of the time and mistaking it for intuition.

I’m speaking from experience here, as I’ve always known myself to be an intuitive person. It wasn’t until I began meditating daily that I started to notice…

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