Consequence of Sin

A nice poem to revisit …


meditating Jesus

Consequence of Sin

By: Religion4All

So much to do

to undo

the deeds

already done.

So many words

to unsay

or wish

it could be that way.

I’m a zen-like

trancing monk

who lets you

pierce my shield.


that fragile bloom

you always wish

you knew.

Here’s my body

please partake

with an ounce of blood

your thirst slake.

Here’s my soul


a mixed elixir

and now your full.

My arms are open wide.

My heart just sits there throbbing.

My crown unfurls anew;

a sacral fountain bubbling …

… and no matter what you take

I’m filled again within.

Resting on this cloud-like stasis

assuming consequence of sin.

My cheeks are flushed and full

I’m turning back and forth for

your blows.

But no matter what you send

I will not let my heart


Peace be with you.

I love you,

and that is all


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