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Every person is an artist

Art by Alexa Meade

Every person is an artist casting about for their muse.

Each one of us has a vision that we feel passionate about and are trying to bring into alignment and fulfillment. Whether that is a happy relationship with a blond/brunette who is sexually pleasing to our inner Director’s creative vision (which is largely a result of our imprinting from the past) or whether that is standing at the proverbial mountaintop, head high and chest greeting the sky, having accomplished the goal we set out to accomplish.

We are ALL writing a story and thus we are ALL artists. The problem is that we don’t own that we are artists and we don’t acknowledge that everyone else around us is as well. We see the creative yarn we are personally spinning as a task to accomplish or just life as it is … “reality”.

When you own that you are the Author and YOU are creating what you want then you can begin to see that is true for everyone else as well. Then there is no actual rejection of you (let me say that again, there is no actual rejection of you), not really … because it’s not about you.

Somebody else has a creative vision (just like you) and their inner artist is trying to bring it into reality. You simple were not what exactly fit their personal creative vision.

When I look at life and others this way I find it incredibly freeing. Why?

Well, I think of all the great creative ventures I have been passionate about: a show I have written, a lover uncovered, a performance sublime. In each of these occasions there were people who didn’t fit with my creative vision. Do I remember them? Do I hold onto thoughts of, “Ew, I hated that person!”?


Why? Because there was nothing personal about it. They weren’t offending me, they simply didn’t match the scene my inner artist was painting.

There was once a dark haired, Persian boy who was bizarrely obsessed with me on the dance floor of a club in Germany. There was no rancor toward him on my part because he didn’t happen to match what stirs my inner artistic vision for myself. Yet I wonder if he took it as rejection of him … when it wasn’t rejection of him at all. Not personally, not from me. I remember him as charming and there is no negativity there at all.

How many times has that been true of me, when I have taken it as rejection?

I wondered to myself, after these realizations, do I actually want to be the fulfillment of every single person’s creative aspirations? God no, ugh, that sounds exhausting!

So why then do I take it as rejection if I don’t happen to fit another’s creative vision?

Simply let it go and acknowledge the truth … that they are searching for something from their inner artist’s well, and good for them! Tip your hat to a fellow artist on a quest and wish them well on their artistic journey … that apparently has nothing to do with you, and that is just fine.